Monday, February 19, 2018
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Information About "On the Verge"

Temple High School's entry in the annual UIL One-Act Play Contest

 First level of competition is Friday, March 9 at Temple High Auditorium



Fanny = Adara Felix
Mary = Grace Mellette
Alexandra = Sierra Amalbert
Alphonse = Gabriel Salazar
The Gorge Troll = Anthony Williamson
The Yeti = D’Andre Wright
Gus = Seth Little
Madame Nhu = Genevieve Myers


Directors = Natasha Tolleson, Carlen Gilseth, Kayla Stewart, Connie Gilseth
Five-Person UIL Crew = Allison Quiroz, Ricardo Fontanez, Rebecca Alley, Callie Ortega, Olivia Cabrera
UIL Alternates = Brianna Alexander, Anaiya Harris, Michael Jones, Kerynn Eckenrode
On-Site Crew = Izzy Poehlmann, Lauren Bruckbauer, Baylee Black, Robert Solar, Bailee Poelker, Joseph Espinoza, Torrie Culp, Sereniti Patterson, Mimansha Shrestha, Jonathan Equels, Kylie Burke, Morgan Madsen, Michael Rodriguez, Ashlyn Farley, Simon Juarez, Daniel Salazar, Austin Madsen and Dylan Harty


Friday, March 9 (5A District) and Thursday, March 29 (4A Area)
Caleb Gommert, Aaron Flores, Stormi Holloway, Erica Lynch, Chrissy Upchurch, Cameron Hooper, Kaitlyn Horton, Raymond Garcia and Cody Little

This cast and crew can be rearranged as needed by the production


Thespian Troupe #1966
Temple High School
415 South 31st Street
Temple, TX 76504

Natasha Tolleson
(254) 215-7036

Technical Director
& Assistant Director
Carlen Gilseth
(254) 215-7302

Theatre Instructor,
Lights & Sound Teacher
Kayla Stewart
(254) 215-7112


YouTube (thespiansrus)

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25 Years

Temple's UIL One-Act Play team has been the District Co-Champion for 25 years in a row (as of March 2017). No other UIL team at Temple High holds such a record.

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2015-2016 Highlights

Texas UIL 5A State Finals
One-Act Play Competition
(Out of over 250 schools)

3rd Place in Texas, Div. 2
UIL Dramatic Design Group

3rd Place & 6th Place
Individual Entries in
UIL Dramatic Design

Texas Thespians,
All-Star Troupe
(one of seven in Texas)

Seven Events Advance to
International Competition

Three Students Participate in
All-State Show (Big Fish) 

2014-2015 Highlights

International Thespian
Champion, Theatre Marketing

Texas Thespians,
All-Star Troupe
(one of four in Texas)

Six Events Advance to
International Competition

Three Students Selected for
All-State Show (Big Fish) 
Cast and Crew

Natasha Tolleson named to
Texas Thespian Hall of Fame

Second Runner-Up
Texas UIL 5A State Finals
One-Act Play Competition
(Out of over 250 schools)

2013-2014 Highlights

International Thespian
Champion, Film

Texas Thespians,
Main Stage Performance
The Secret Garden

11 Events Advance to
International Competition

10 Students Advance
to State Finals in
UIL Theatrical Design
(2nd Highest Number of
Any School in Texas)

Texas Top 12, UIL 5A
One-Act Play Competition
(Out of 257 schools)

Texas State Champion
UIL Film Contest
Division 2, Narrative

Texas State Champion
UIL Group
Theatrical Design

2nd Place in Texas,
UIL Set Design

4th Place in Texas,
UIL Marketing Design