Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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A Midsummer Night's Dream Information

Performances will be October 26-28 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, October 29 at 2 p.m.
Temple High School Auditorium
Tickets: $8 in advance, $10 at the door.


Theseus, the Duke of Athens = Kadaron Sledge
Hippolyta, the conquered Amazon Queen = Sereniti Patterson

Philostrate, Master of the Revels to Theseus = Morgan Madsen
Egeus, Father to Hermia = Austin Boatman

Hermia, in love with Lysander = Callie Ortega*
Lysander, in love with Hermia = Gabriel Salazar*
Demetrius, engaged to Helena = Seth Little*
Helena, in love with Demetrius = Adara Felix*

Peter Quince, a carpenter (Prologue in the play) = Kerynn Eckenrode
Snug, the joiner (Lion in the play) = Torrie Culp
Nick Bottom, a weaver (Pyramus in the play) = D’Andre Wright*
Francis Flute, a bellows mender (Thisby in the play) = Caleb Gommert
Tom Snout, a tinker (Wall in the play) = Daniel Salazar
Robin Starveling, a tailor (Moonshine in the play) = Chrissy Upchurch

Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, a fairy = Sierra Amalbert*
Mustardseed = Rebecca Alley*
Oberon, King of the Fairies = Anthony Williamson

Titania, Queen of the Fairies = Grace Mellette*
The Baby from India, Titania’s page = Charlee LaMotte

Peaseblossom = Olivia Cabrera
Cobweb = Erica Lynch
Moth = Kylie Burke
Night Sky = Alante Anderson
Cricket = Joshua Babbitt
Peacock = Jalilah Brooks
Flower = Lauren Bruckbauer
Grapes = Jasmin Buckner
Deer = Shawn Corbell
Mermaid = Uyen Duong
Wolf = Jonathan Equels
Satyr = Aaron Flores
Sunflower = Annastashia Gontscharow
Rainbow = Joneisha Harris
Pumpkin = Stormi Holloway
Water = Taylor Jones
Pheasant = Rodrigo Macias
Night Sky = Danica Salinas
Autumn Flower = Violet Thomas
Grasshopper = Daidrian Thomas-McCraney
Sunset = Isabelle Torres

= Zoe Edwards

Stage Manager = Allison Quiroz

Props Crew:  Robert Solar, Mary Jayne Aydelotte, Michael Rodriguez, Rodrigo Macias, Valerie Merslich, Uyen Duong, Alyssa Amador, Ricardo Fontanez

Hair and Make-Up Crew: Bailee Poelker, Charlotte Anton, Deja Garza, Tessa Marie Shumate, Alexys Alley, Anaiya Harris, Baylee Black, , Jonathan Equels, Daidrian Thomas- Mccraney

Costume Crew: Brianna Alexander, Karelya Palomera, Alante Anderson, Shawn Corbell, Lauren Bruckbauer, Taylor Jones, Jasmin Buckner, Stormi Holloway, Violet Thomas, Joneisha Harris, Danica Salinas, Antonio Padillo

Set Crew: Aaron Flores , Tyler Hutton , Annastashia Gontscharow, Isabelle Torres, Victoria Dorantes, Mia Renfrow, Luke Allen, Rachel Wallace, Kaitlyn Horton, Simon Juarez, Dylan Harty, Isabel Poehlmann, Philip Shearon Jr.

Lights Crew: Veronica Farrell, Charles St. Martin

Sound Crew: Michael Jones, Veronica Farrell, Jalilah Brooks

Publicity: Seth Little, Tiye Jackson

House Manager:

Front of house crew: Asiana Martin, Kat Robbins




Thespian Troupe #1966
Temple High School
415 South 31st Street
Temple, TX 76504

Natasha Tolleson
(254) 215-7036

Technical Director
& Assistant Director
Carlen Gilseth
(254) 215-7302

Theatre Instructor,
Lights & Sound Teacher
Kayla Stewart
(254) 215-7112


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27 Years

Temple's UIL One-Act Play team has been the District Co-Champion for 27 years in a row (as of March 2019). No other UIL team at Temple High holds such a record.

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2018-2019 Highlights

Mrs. Tolleson Named a
TETA Educator of the Year

Texas Thespian Convention
All 8 Events Advance to
International Competition

Team Mask Making

Team Set Design

Nominee, Texas Thespian
Troupe of the Year (1 of 6)

2017-2018 Highlights

Texas Thespian Convention
All 10 Events Advance to
International Competition
(More than any other troupe)

Texas Thespian Performance
of Wonder of the World

Texas Thespian All-Star
Troupe (1 of 10 in Texas)

Nominee, Texas Thespian
Troupe of the Year (1 of 3)

4th Place On the Verge
Texas UIL 5A State Finals
One-Act Play Competition
(Out of over 250 schools)

2016-2017 Highlights

Texas UIL Hair & Make-Up
Design (Division 2)

5th Place in Texas, Div. 2
UIL Dramatic Design Group

14 Students Advance to
International Competition

Texas Thespian Mainstage
3 Performances of Cabaret